The concept

Aricomagic© is a brand that creates and distributes decorative objects that combine careful design and original functionality.

What we mean by fertile decoration is the idea of challenging ourselves to create objects that are beautiful, useful and durable.

It’s about sitting down and thinking about something that you need, that would make your life easier. Then, it is to make sure that the object pleases us so that we want to show it and keep it for many years.

Discover the samoussin book cushion


Practical reading cushions to enhance your home and your everyday life

Find the samoussin that's right for you in our collection devoted to great authors

You’ll love this original-format book stand in trendy, decorative fabrics. After extensive testing, we opted for anti-bacterial recycled fiber for the cushion filling.

Thanks to the wooden ruler and elastic band, he can now hold the pages and carry the book for you. The samoussin is the ideal gift for lovers of literature and interior design. If you often suffer from neck or shoulder pain while reading, it will become your best companion for those moments of relaxation.

Portrait Gustave Flaubert
le Flaubert Triangle bouclette camel and deep brown mottled velvet base I want it
Portrait Georges Sand
le Sand Velvet bouclette triangle with antique flowers and old rose corduroy base I want it
Portrait Oscar Wilde
le Wilde Triangle houndstooth velvet and Napoleon green upholstery base I want it
Supports de livres samoussin aricomagic portes livres coussins de lecture


Our fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified, our upholstery is made from recycled anti-mite fibres and European production waste. Our packaging is made of recycled and recyclable cardboard and paper, we do not use any single-use plastic.

Designed and manufactured in the South of France

All our articles are made with the help of our partners and local suppliers. The samoussin are made in a protected workshop in the heart of Provence

Adaptable and customisable

Our collections are produced in small batches and we favour pre-orders. We can also produce your original orders on demand.
For your gifts, order now and choose your desired delivery date, we take care of the rest.