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Hands-free reading with the samoussin book holder

lecture confortable avec le porte-livre samoussin. Le support de livre ergonomique pour lire sans effort. Book Holder samoussin

Free your hands to read!

At Aricomagic, you’re entering a world where reading becomes an even more comfortable and practical experience, thanks to our ergonomic samoussin bookholder. Discover how this unique accessory enables hands-free reading, offering a clever solution for all reading enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy immersing themselves in a good book from the comfort of bed.

Imagine yourself immersed in a captivating book while relaxing on your bed or sofa, without having to hold the pages. That’s exactly what our samoussin book holder can offer you.

Porte-livre samoussin. support de livre ergonomique pour lire sans effort.

Le Secret du Porte-Livre Samoussin ?

The secret lies in its ingenious design

What makes our samoussin bookholder so extraordinary? The secret lies in its ingenious design. Imagine a book cushion that holds your book open, allowing you to read without your hands. No more struggling to keep the pages open, no more uncomfortable positions. Thanks to our samoussin book holder, reading becomes an even more pleasant experience.

Space-saving, it’s a design object in its own right. The triangle, independent of the base, can also be used as an interior design cushion.

Unparalleled comfort for reading in bed

One of the main reasons why our samoussin bookholder is a must-have is its adaptability to the context of reading in bed. Whether you like to unwind after a long day’s work or prefer to start the day with a relaxing read, our accessory offers exceptional comfort. Just imagine yourself lying down, hands free, immersed in your favorite book, with no constraints whatsoever.

No need to bend your legs to hold the book, you can adopt the position in which you feel most comfortable. This frees you from the physical disadvantages of reading in bed, as described by Dr Joëlle MALENFANT.

Effortless reading without aches and pains

The magic happens as soon as you place your book on the samoussin bookholder. Thanks to its innovative design, it keeps the pages open, eliminating the need to hold the book constantly. This means you can turn the pages with one hand, enjoy a cup of coffee with the other, or even just relax without interrupting your reading. Effortless reading becomes a reality with Aricomagic.

Versatility and ease of use

Our samoussin bookholder fits a variety of book sizes, from small novels to bulky works. It’s also lightweight and easy to carry by the point. All this makes it the ideal accessory for readers on the move. It’s intuitive to use, and all you have to do is place your book on the cushion and adjust the wooden ruler to your book. It’s also very easy to use as a tablet holder when you want to watch a series or leaf through an online magazine.

At Aricomagic, we’re committed to providing products of the highest quality. Our samoussin bookholder is made in France from durable, environmentally-friendly and hard-wearing materials, ensuring a long service life. We understand that reading is a passion that lasts, which is why our accessory is designed to stand the test of time.

Aricomagic has always strived to make everyday life more magical and enjoyable, and our samoussin bookholder is a perfect example.

Free your hands, relax in bed and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of effortless reading with the samoussin bookholder from Aricomagic. Let the magic happen and enjoy a unique reading experience that will make every reading moment even more memorable. Discover now the accessory that revolutionizes the way we read, for absolute comfort and limitless magic.

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