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We read : Ou le dernier Coquelicot from Florence HERRLEMANN

Coup de coeur littéraire aricomagic : Ou le dernier Coquelicot de Florence HERRLEMANN présenté sur le coussin porte livre samoussin Hugo

Book summary Ou le dernier Coquelicot

Ou le dernier Coquelicot” by Florence HERRLEMANN, published in September 2023, plunges us into the world of crime fiction.

It introduces us to Léonor, a forty-something woman facing a disastrous life. She has just lost her aunt and coldly decides to take her own life.

At the wheel of the old convertible left to her by her aunt and the savings she has just inherited, she chooses to do so far from Paris.

Letting herself be guided by chance, she stops in front of a strange house at the end of a small dirt road. On the doorstep, a motionless dog seems to be waiting for something, and the house is for sale.

On a whim, she contacted the estate agent, who showed her around. She was captivated by the beauty of the surroundings, particularly the orchard at the back of the house. The agent tells her that the house used to be occupied by a thriller writer who has mysteriously disappeared.

An enigmatic trio is formed, plunging Leonor into a situation that evokes a kind of mystery game on a human scale. In this world, roles are reversed: the hunter becomes the hunted, the dead influence the living, and appearances prove deceptive.

Florence HERRLEMANN, from theatre to pen.

To be devoured under the duvet with the doors locked.


began her artistic career in theatre, then turned to directing before devoting herself entirely to writing.

Her first book, “Le Festin du Lézard” (“The Lizard’s Feast”), caused a stir in the blogosphere. Her second, “L’appartement du dessous”, published by ALBIN MICHEL, won five literary awards.

Choosing a reading cushion as a book holder

In this, her third novel, published by M+ Editions, she explores the disturbing ambiguities of her three characters, who oscillate between fragility and invincibility, darkness and light.

Objectively, it’s very well written. I particularly liked the way it was divided into clear, concise chapters. Over the 224 pages, we become as attached to the characters as we are sometimes annoyed by them.

You end up wondering whether or not you believe in ghosts or whether you should adopt a dog. I even went on property websites to find a small house with a beautiful orchard. I’m sorry that this criterion isn’t one of the filters available.

At aricomagic, we’ve come up with the samoussin, a reading cushion that’s both a decorative object and a great companion for relaxing with a good novel.

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