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What is a reading cushion ?

C'est quoi un coussin de lecture ?

A cushion that holds your book instead of you.

When we read for a long time, we often find it difficult to find a really comfortable posture. From 200g for a paperback, we easily go up to 500g for a hardcover and often even up to 1 kilo.

Imagine yourself at the bottom of your pillow holding a bottle of milk over your head. After a while, it starts to pull on your neck.

The principle of the reading pillow is that it holds the book for you.

You can relax your neck and head, stretch your legs, put it down and turn on your side.

Porte livre samoussin rimbaud - coussin de lecture
Le samoussin Rimbaud

Many people have given up reading. They often mention competition from other hobbies, and it is certain that today there are many demands on their time. They talk about a lack of time, while acknowledging that they would like to be free of certain time-consuming activities to which they give in without finding any real benefit (staying in front of tunnels of television advertisements, scrolling through social networks and scaring themselves with their weekly screen time, etc.).

For them, reading is perhaps no longer sufficiently associated with a moment of relaxation.  

A must-have convenience item for avid readers.

Fortunately, reading is still a trend. 72% of French people say they read for pleasure.

Fortunately, there are also still many bookaholics. According to a recent study by Ipsos, 26% of French people are considered to be avid readers, i.e. they read at least 20 books a year and 86% have read at least 1 book.

Reading remains a trend, as evidenced by the many Instagram accounts around this theme that engage their followers with fervour.

The French continue to value reading. In 2021, 49% of them think that reading allows them to be happy and fulfilled (an increase of 20pts).

So what better way to make these moments even more enjoyable than with a reading cushion?

With a reading cushion, you can read whatever you want!

Although it was originally designed for books in paper format, it is perfectly suited to the use of e-readers and digital tablets. You can use it as an iPad stand to browse through an online magazine. 

When you’re watching a video, it’s far more convenient than any rigid tablet stand that has trouble balancing on soft surfaces. It allows you to watch a series or replay a show in perfect comfort. 

Finally, it’s ideal for supporting your tablet while you’re looking after your tablets during an e-sports session!

More than a usefull object, at aricomagic we have imagined the reading cushion as an integral part of your interior decoration and a companion for your special moments.

Support tablette coussin porte livre samoussin Colette par aricomagic
Le samoussin Colette

“What is the probability of finding Agatha Christie and Balzac in the same bed?

On the face of it, none…

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